Wellness Program

A simple start to Wellness at Work:

Worksite health promotion is an investment in your most important asset – your employees. While you may already be contributing to your employee’s health and wellness, offering healthy food choices for your employees at the workplace is a great addition to your initiative. Better nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and healthier employees can mean increased productivity, reduced sick days, and fewer on-the-job accidents. Serving unhealthy food at staff lunches or offering high-fat and sugar-filled choices in vending machines or your employee cafeteria is detrimental to your employees’ health and wellness.

Healthy eating has proven to be an effective tool in slowing the growth of healthcare costs. Choosing more nutritious food options may reduce an employee’s chances of suffering from obesity-related diseases. While you can’t control what employees choose to eat, you can help steer them in the right direction by providing healthy options.


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