You CAN Do It!

Taking the time to physically care for oneself is not an easy task. Walk into any tness club and you will see a vast array of people and levels of tness. Everyone at the gym is there for their own personal reasons and nd within themselves the motivation to come back again the next day and the next.

For many of us being t means maintaining a healthy weight. There are actually 4 components to being physically fit:

1. Lean body mass. The relative amount of muscle, bone, fat and other vital body parts.

2. Cardiovascular. Being able to sustain an elevated heart rate.

3. Flexibility. Range of motion around a joint. Protects muscles and joints from injury.

4. Muscular strength. The ability of muscles to exert force during an activity, such as carrying groceries.

It can be very inspiring to see other people working towards roughly the same goal, to be a more physically t and healthier person. If you are just starting your journey to improve physical tness, being around t people can help remind you that it can be done. This doesn’t mean comparing yourself to others, as that can be demotivating. Instead, recognize that if something can be done by one person, it can be done by others. Use this as motivation to keep persevering towards your personal transformation.

Dave Vozza is ready to work with you and help you navigate the program.
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