Best Back Exercises

Bed rest is what comes to mind when back pain attacks, but research suggests that activity is better to promote healing. Lack of activity can lead to muscle stiffness and weakness and soft tissue becomes more vulnerable to injury.

If you suffer from or want to avoid back pain, physical activity can strengthen your core muscles, improve posture and help support your spine, to relieve pain. There are many exercise options to choose from that are low impact, but you should speak with your doctor first.

Yoga: Yoga is great exercise for the whole body, but it’s especially great for the back. It increases flexibility, strengthens the back, and improves posture. Focus on poses that are back and chest stretches such as bridge, sun salutations, and cat/cow.

Swimming: Free-style swimming is a great, low impact way to exercise the back. Being in the water reduces strain on joints and muscles. Everything from backstroke to swimming laps is fair game.

Walk: Make sure you are walking on an even surface or treadmill. Even walking in shallow water can be bene cial! Other forms of cardio are great too, but be careful! Running can put stress on the joints and muscles.

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