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No one wants to be pushed all the time. Stand! Stretch! Walk! Jog! Faster! Life has enough demands. We all have enough “to-do’s” on our list to get through. Why not take a new perspective to enjoy and take the time for what makes you feel good and creates sensations and memories that fulfill you?

■ Swimming in crisp cool water on a very hot day.

■ Walking in the woods with a breeze through your hair and the sound of the wind whistling through the leaves.

■ Riding a bike down your favorite street, admiring the details you miss cruising by in a car.

Exercise doesn’t have to be something you push yourself to get through every day. Activities that bring the most pleasurable moments when you create them will pull you back, time and again. Allow yourself to enjoy the things in life worth getting off the couch for an activity will become part of your passion.

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